Your Life Mastery

The Complete Guide to an Extraordinary Journey

A word from the author…

Life is an incredible journey, and that journey varies depending on how you live your life, manage your mind and the actions you take. My life’s work has been dedicated to building a career of helping others discover their potential, and live their life by design rather by default. I have seen first-hand what can happen when you finally find your purpose and create and live a life for yourself that keeps you fulfilled, knowing that you are on the right path.

Within this book, I am sharing my own story of how I got to where I am now, and the impact I had on the people I have coached throughout my life. I know that challenges can deter you from moving forward, and I am giving you the steps to avoid giving up and forge you moving forward, even when you feel like there is no solution in sight. I firmly believe that when you learn how to manage your emotions, deal with the hardships that are thrown at you and use the all-important life skills I share, you can now start to live a happy, balanced life.

Regardless of who you are or what you do, you are going to come across difficulties in your life, and I want to let you know that there is no reason to ever give up. You just need to keep pushing forward, focusing on the unlimited potential you’ve been gifted, and the wonderful future you can create. In Your Life Mastery you will find a step-by-step program to help you discover who you are, what you were meant to do and it reveals the important life skills that can help you overcome any challenge that may come your way.

No matter what journey you are on, reading Your Life Mastery – The Complete Guide to an Extraordinary Journey will be life-changing for you. It is time to discover the person you were meant to be and create the future you deserve!

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About the Author

Michael Sypsomos is an author, Project Coach and the Founder of The Mentor Group International. As Project Coach, Michael is internationally recognized for creating project excellence for his clients throughout his career over the past four decades. Michael has also served as senior executive and project coach for numerous international organizations including Chevron, Unocal, CITGO, PTTEP, Total and others, helping them to achieve iconic project success through customized PMOs (Project Management Offices) and award-winning projects.

Among his project accomplishments, Michael has been most proud of the one that received the prestigious 2003 PMI (Project Management Institute) International Project of the Year Award Runner Up for Unocal Thailand North Pailin Gas Development project, (second only to the 2002 Winter Olympics in Utah).

Michael is the co-founder and past president of the PMI Thailand chapter and has been a passionate supporter of the advancement of the profession worldwide. He is a lecturer at prominent Thai universities and frequently shares his experiences at global events.

Michael continues to support global project owners who are often overwhelmed with under-performing projects and businesses that drain their budgets and energy, turning them into profitable successes.

Michael Sypsomos currently lives in Thailand with his family and can be reached at

Your Life Mastery

The Complete Guide to an Extraordinary Journey

Chapter 1 “Why Am I Writing This Book?”

How I survived my personal storms and how your life storms can help you emerge stronger and wiser

Chapter 2 “Knowing Yourself – Who Are You Really? Who Do You Want To Be?”

The importance of knowing who you really are, your Ikigai

Chapter 3 “A Reality Check – Where Are You Now?”

Before taking off, you need to know where you stand

Chapter 4 “What Is Holding You Back? Get Over It, Now!”

Before embarking on your journey, you have to find and lift your anchors

Chapter 5 “Build Your Inner Life Skills – Personal Skills”

Be a master of your mind and emotions, and creating magic with quantum principles

Chapter 6 “Build Your Outer Life Skills – Getting Organized”

Organizing skills and how they bring order, harmony and project excellence in your work and lives

Chapter 7 “Build More Outer Life Skills – Cognitive Life Skills (Learning To Know)”

Learn the art and skill of thinking clearly and logically, solve problems and make the best decisions
in every area of your life

Chapter 8 “Build More Outer Life Skills – Interpersonal Life Skills (Learning To Live Together)”

How to communicate, negotiate, influence and work together as a team

Chapter 9 “Contribution – Stepping Up To Your Ultimate Purpose”

How you can change the world with your own unique contribution

Chapter 10 “Creating Your Legacy”

Decide what are you going to leave behind, and ways you can create your own legacy

Your Life Mastery

The Complete Guide to an Extraordinary Journey

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