What people say about Your Life Mastery

“I wish this book was available to read years ago; it would have saved me and others a lifetime of struggle and frustration from continual trials and errors in subjects that are hard to find in a school curriculum. Your Life Mastery is a collection of valuable lessons, tools and techniques from Michael’s life and successful career as a project coach, that if you acquire, you will improve your life and your career alike, and change you from an observer of others’ happiness and success into the captain of your life journey.

It’s a definitive and deceptively simple book that has boiled out all of the irrelevant minutia and fluff that you find in many “self-improvement” books; it hones in to only what is critical for you to learn and do to achieve true success and happiness in whatever you do, while diving deep into the essence of what it takes to live a life of purpose and contribution.

Having worked with and experienced the value of Michael’s coaching, reading this book is the next best thing to being mentored by him.

Michael has written a must-read primer for anyone wanting to make a difference in their life and create their legacy. Get your book now! This is the help you’ve been waiting for!”

- Pich Piyaratn, Oil Industry Executive and Coach

“When Michael told me earlier this year that he was writing a book about his life and professional experiences and journey, my first thought was that it would be near impossible to pack all his knowledge into a single book. I’ve known and worked with Michael in many projects over the last 40 years, and I am well aware of the depth and breadth of his experience as a brilliant Project Coach and Mentor, a successful executive and passionate contributor to the Project Management profession. I also know his achievements helping distressed project owners with underperforming projects, turn them and their companies around and succeed.

I was surprised after reading the finished book! Michael has managed to simplify and include the all-important “life-skills” that each one can fill several volumes, writing it in a way that is easily understood by anyone.

The brilliance of Michael’s approach is the way he demystifies and simplifies the organizing principles of project management, decision making, and problem solving for anyone to use, and artfully combines them with step-by-step techniques on how to remove your barriers, master your mind and emotions and create true miracles. You’ll be inspired by his brilliant insights, and encouraged by his straightforward guidance that come straight out of his personal journey.

In the already crowded field of ‘self-help’ books promising to make people rich and successful quickly, Your Life Mastery is a refreshingly honest and insightful standout. It will have its special place in my University’s library.

Read this book, and learn from one of the best.” - Dr. Khaled Bubshait, Dean, Alasala University, Saudi Arabia

“Without doubt the contents of Michael’s book, Your Life Mastery, go deep… and far beyond the surface.
As a Life Coach, and a specialist in Project Management, Michael has used his exceptional ability to help educate others to grow their human – soft – skills, which he has demonstrated so vividly in his writings here, as being critical to achieving any form of success and prosperity, either personally or professionally.

His story is punctuated with remarkable events which spark an outpouring of long-held desires, inviting our own yearning for a generous, truthful, and purpose-filled life. Michael has lived a colossal and colourful life himself which he now shares with each of us, and which I am certain, will enrich our very own journeys, emotional experiences and actively drive our future aspirations.

I can genuinely recommend Michael’s Your Life Mastery, as a “turning-point” read in your life.”

- Christina Dodd, Emotional Intelligence Activist, Champion of Soft Skills Development, Coach

“In his book Your Life Mastery, Michael shares his deep knowledge of organizing, decision making, problem solving and other critical skills as he has been using them in his professional work as an award-winning Project Coach. And for those of us who he has helped in our professional career, we find all the extra nuggets of wisdom we need that we can still apply on our own to first get to know ourselves better, still learn our full potential, and be able to become the best versions of ourselves, as we never thought we could be, living our best lives ever.

Michael, using his signature strength, explaining complex subjects in a simple manner, compiles the vital inner and outer skills in a condensed and complete manual. He imparts all the tools he’s been using in his stellar career as an executive and coach, while also diving deep into your psyche to help you discover and activate your inner magnificent creator.

Michael’s assessment of our education system is particularly to the point, corresponding to my own observations having worked in several countries and entered into contact with many cultures. The majority of schools are not teaching how to think, organize, conceptualize, focus on problem-solving, nor how to make good decisions, and manage our minds and emotions.

Michael demonstrates this clearly with his own experience and the immense positive impact he had in improving performances with the university students in Thailand and the Thai Education system.

This book goes well beyond the professional terrain and is a must read for anyone who wants to discover their best life, and guide the youth to find theirs. “

- Jean-Marc Dallaire, CEO of JMD Consulting and Ex-Senior Bank Executive

“As an avid reader, with a continual and obsessive desire for insights into self-improvement in all facets of my life, this book truly hits the spot.

Michael Sypsomos shares unique approaches and profound insights to help us gain a better perspective on one’s own life, that are all drawn from his own personal journey. He’s enjoyed success in business, as an entrepreneur, as a life coach and project manager, father and friend. This wonderfully fluent and ‘easy to devour’ book is refreshing and truly inspirational in equal measure.

It’s one of those books that’s hard to put down once you start. And I love it for that! I’ll go back to it time and time again, I know. The gems and pearls of wisdom along with the practical advice and reminders, can assist us all through the various phases of our lives, and really help us gain perspective. The simple, helpful, practical tips, tactics and strategies to face all the challenges in our business and personal lives are invaluable. It’s one of those books you’ll never regret spending time with.

Keep it by your bedside.” Chris Craker, Former Senior Vice President of Sony Music, London & New York Founder and CEO of Karma Studios, Thailand

“The beauty about Michael Sypsomos book “Your Life Mastery” is not only that it’s a great guide that helps you manage your thoughts and emotions, and gives you the scarcely taught life skills to live up to your full potential – it’s that Michael provides invaluable and often vulnerable life examples from his own journey that you can associate with, as well as tools, exercises and coaching style questions that help you learn these all-important skills in a simple step-by-step process that feels effortless.

Michael breaks the entire process into short, easily digestible bits, designed to help you understand what you’ve been missing in order to live a full life, and pushes you forward swiftly, while filling you with belief and hope, so that you can be the best ever version of yourself. A must read!”

- Nanapat Sage, CEO Build Rockstar Team, Talent Management Consultancy

What clients say about Coach Sypsomos coaching
“Michael has the unique ability to get inside your soul and system, and understand immediately what you need to help you turn your company’s goals into a reality, every time” - Dave Crane, Life Designer, Executive Speech Coach

“Michael’s exceptional coaching ability contributed to continuously improve our company’s organizational capability and consistently produce successful projects; he has been an invaluable asset to both our company and the Kingdom of Thailand” - President, Major International Energy Company

“Michael was a key contributor to the significant improvements that our company made, that resulted in continuous yearly savings of $40 Million; his expertise in transforming management processes, while coaching us to combine continuous improvement best practices, proved invaluable.” - Paul Taylor, Program Manager, CITGO Major Projects

“Mr. Sypsomos’ contribution resulted in significantly improving the quality of Thai education, by coaching our Principals and Teachers to enhance the school curriculum, using the organizing power of Business and Project Management” - Senior Executive, Thailand Ministry of Education

“I was captivated by Michael’s passion and consistent success in improving companies and projects, his communication style and extensive experience in Business and Project Management” - James Dentley, CEO, Life and Business Coach

Your Life Mastery

The Complete Guide to an Extraordinary Journey

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